Social Media – Character Limit

When it comes to social media, less may be more depending on which platform you are using.

You want to get the message across but how many words (or characters) do you actually need?

Storytelling & TOV

Twitter: The Word Hater

Twitter only allows 280 characters, which is frustrating (don’t get me started) but can help you better define your Twitter social media strategy. The type of content you have will differ with each social media channel.

Instagram: Say it and Show it

Instagram allows 2200 characters but do we really need that many? Instagram is the ideal platform to draw users to your visual assets so it would be more prudent to spend your efforts there. Of course, copy is important–you can use the space to include additional information, tag/mention users, and hashtags.

Facebook/Meta: The Home of Ranting

At this point, Facebook should just admit that it likes to stir the pot with it 63,206 characters it allows. I’m sure we all have that one family member who uses the platform for interesting purposes (cough, cough). You may have the freedom when it comes to character count but it’s still important to align your strategy with your goals. If you have additional information you want to share, consider inserting links to your sites to encouraging users to visit them.

LinkedIn: Where art thou Character Limit?

I tried searching for LinkedIn’s post character limit to no avail. I believe it is 4,290 characters? Anywhoozles, LinkedIn’s has seen a significant change from being a platform to dump your resume to another outlet to for your marketing endeavors. Whether you aspire to be a thought leader, want to use it to elevate your company’s brand awareness, or for gathering leaders, use your word count carefully. Less is more!

What are your thoughts on character limits? Should we abandon them all together or limit them further?

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