Organizing Your Work

How you organize the madness that is your day? Do you do the simple note-taking or like to organize your tasks and responsibilities with website platforms? Everyone operates and learns differently so I love to see how resources like, Asana, and other have adapted to fit everyone’s needs.

Below are the tool’s I’ve used in the past – would love to hear other people’s opinions or feedback on it. I would also like to include because we all have different functions, we therefore use these resources for different purposes. What worked for me a social media manager may not be the same for a brand marketing manager: – The Holy Grail

Example from

Chefs kiss! I love and miss you As a social media manager, having made my life easier. I was able create my social media calendar that my team was able to access, review, and add comments to. Everyone have full accessibility to my work and there was no question of what I would be posting. For a social media manager, it was ideal but I can see how it may be the best resource for a digital analyst tracking his project, a website designer, etc.

Trello – Go, Team, Go!

Example from

Trello is the ultimate resource for tracking your team’s projects and ensuring that timelines are established and deadlines are met. I just started using this platform and like how collaborative it is. I also created my own board to track my own projects and process but value it’s team work capabilities

Jira – if Trauma was a vision board

example from

haha the title was a little bit much but as a social media manager, I prefer the other resources I’ve had than JIRA. It is great to track the progress of projects, any tasks that need to be done, reporting issues, and assigning them to people. Depending on how your team is structured, this may be the best resource for your team! Especially for your function whether it’s project management, digital analytics, website designer, programming–I’m not the most familiar with those roles but I feel like it would be more preferrable than Trello and

Asana – Never tried it but wow it looks like

Example from

Oh, snap, Asana looks exactly like! Has anyone used Asana – what are your thoughts on its usability?

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