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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which social media platform is right for all?

When considering the purpose of you social media journey, it’s important to note that each platform caters to various audiences. For example, Instagram and Tik Tok appeal to younger audiences, while Facebook casts a wider net but attracts an older audience who like to share family photos and political rants (haha).

Twitter is a cesspool of random thoughts, satire, political agendas, comedy, news, etc. and I love it. For business purposes not so much because it’s difficult to pinpoint your audience and how to engage with them depending on your industry. When I used to work for an Educational Publishing company, it was easy-peasy– teachers and librarians use Twitter to share their thoughts and frustrations, news of events, and even resources. Currently, my company is a tech company that focuses on digital transformation and the audience for this faction use Twitter to dump data, re-share their company’s content, and just general news-related to their industry. There are not a lot of conversations to jump into, so it has been a slow-moving battle but I will not relent!

Personal anecdote aside, yes, understanding each platform and who it attracts will help you strategize your approach and decision. As a business, I recommend the prime 5 channels –

  • B2B channels– YouTube, LinkedIn​
  • B2C channels – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ​

Depending on your audience, products, and your resources, other channels to explore are Pinterest, Tik Tok, and Reddit.

What are your favorite social media channels to use? What else would you add to this list?

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