Is it strange that I dream of the same man each night?

Different settings; various obstacles that set us apart–

But he’s the only man that I would take such a risk for.

They are both beautiful men, of course;

Sometimes he reminds me of a child’s fairytale dream; a knight dressed in the darkest of black

Respectable and patient; raised from the gutter–street smart and deadly

Courteous and charming; brother to the blood– loyal to his brothers

A great, honest smile with kind eyes; Gang wars, despair, violence is all he knows–

the type of man

that makes a girl say

chivalry is not dead; he’s trouble and I think I am ready to be very bad


These two men–

who appear the same but are diverse in character–

Take turns appearing in my dreams.

Days where I am at peace–

lavished by servants as I sit on my veranda–

my husband dedicating his undying love to me–

as he gifts me with the rarest jewels and costly gifts..

But there are those endless nights–

The night sky sets a scence–

A ghastly full moon–

night a forsaken, opaque black–

and I am risking my life–

my reputation, my heart for this wild man.

We fight, we yell, we fuck–

and I cry–

but then I crave the thrill again–

A never-ending cycle of rash decisions and passion–

A forewarning, a message–

Who will I end up–

The dawn of my life; or the pitiless man

Of deceit and devilish charm–

Eyes bruised with substance abuse and passion–

Body tight–like a predator–

And that jawline–

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