tumblr_maw4keqoEt1qeeuy7o1_500From the earth I formed a man from a premeditated image-
days and nights, I have dreamed of him,
a golden visage with chiseled features and dark, wise eyes.
From their depths I unearthed answers, from his lips, I braved numerous questions-
Like a clay doll, I molded him to my pleasure-
A brilliant artist with wandering eyes and delft fingers.
As he came to form, I wondered what I should call him: husband, lover, friend, teacher-
Would he look to me with a deep, unforgiving love, turbulent lust, compassion, a stern, unwavering eye,
What did I crave most from this man before my eyes?
Did the titles seems so far apart, that he cannot be all four?

I kissed his lips as I breathed air into his lungs, awake he wrapped his arms around me, his first words: “wife, lover, friend, pupil”

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