i blindly follow


you used to be my tender mornings
 my twinkling nights,
my shy, tentative kisses
and rough foreplay turning into midnight.
soaked, drenched sheets
must remind you of me.
my pretty smile must have drove you insane,
but weren’t you to blame?

leading me with your love
i blindly follow,
trust bound across my throat,
my footsteps uneven
as you drag me along.
the untamed night fractures,
as we go uphill.
a kaleidoscope of bruising shades,
dark blues, a river of swirling colors
that remind me of you.
I trip as the stars bleed pink–
the sky dark with a streak of innoncene,
yet you persist on.
My feet bleeding, leaving
a trial of grievances and fractured wounds.
i foolishly smile
as we reach the end of the line.


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