She loves him

She loves him,
I can see it in her
gray-blue eyes.
A blush rushes
To her freckled cheeks
Even on the
cloudiest of days.
Her heartbeat aflutter
Eyes lit with wonder,
summer day’s have never
been so kind.
passionate loving,
secrets shared
through lips.
Why do I have to be
The one tell her the truth?

Boys will take all
You got-
leave you astray,
Broken-hearted, and distraught.
Every song will remind you
Of his devilish smile.
Murky nights
And polarids-
Salty kisses and Ben & Jerry’s
A love that tastes just
Like a daydream.
Will she trust the
betrayal of my words–
words smudged by
years of heartbreaks and disappointments–
or will she spurn my devotion
even when she
shaded me from her light one too many times before?

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