“Baby girl, your body is a feast
for the eyes, the lips, the teeth.
I cannot wait to get my hands on
you, I know you cannot wait. the rush,
the slippery mess of time before you arrive,
i cannot wait to trace my name
into your flesh with my tongue. a bounty,
and I have a king’s appetite.
i conquer, i slay, i take you by the
throat and smirk as you pray.
pray all you want, i am a god
and your body is mine for the taking.
more and more, you shudder and shake
in anticipation. my lips devour you,
you claim you hate it
but your grip is doing the speaking
that your thighs can’t take. sacrilegious
and sacrifice, i bring you to heaven
and send you to hell within a minute,
i allow you to taste the highest of pleasures
before i tease you and taste you all the way down to hell.”

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