worth it

He may have given me the push,
The push in the right direction. I admit
My fall backs, I admit my hesitancy.
He may have given my sweet daydreams and
Steamy nights. The influence of him gave me
the push to succeed in my endeavors of loving me,
trusting me, I became underneath your gaze.
I was always something, a wallflower too beautiful
to be unnoticed but I knew the strength of me even
before you discovered me. I am the earthworm that
burrows without conscious, I’m the sun light that penetrates
and then teases, the rush of rain and the slow, rhythmic beat
of rain drops; the earth is mine to conquer, thanks
to the millions of sacrifices made over 200 years ago.
I thank you for your regard, I thank you for your admiration,
I thank you for the push to stab pen to paper, may you regret
your obliviousness, because I always knew I was worth it.

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