How-to use Social Media Monitoring & Social Listening to take over the world

Yes, How-to use Social Media Monitoring & Social Listening to take over the world, is an insane title to name a blog, but it’s fitting, isn’t it?

Of course, using these strategies will not really give you these omniscient powers that will actually give you the power and dominion over the mundane, but it WILL give you an advantage when it comes to your social media strategy.

Using Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Listening in Tandem

In my previous post, I breakdown the difference between the two terms and how you can integrate them into your social media strategy. As a recap, social media monitoring is more passive as you focus on who’s talking about you/you brand, where they are talking about you (which platforms), and how people are talking about you (sentiments), while social listening is proactive/ strategic and targeted approach that only looks at your company or brand but the industry itself.

Luckily, you can use both of these methods to ensure you have a well-rounded social media strategy. For example, with social media monitoring, you can ensure that your brand is being mentioned in important conversations and that customers care about your product and are even advocating it as influencers. And with this knowledge, you can narrow your searches when social listening.

For example, let’s say you are preparing for a recruitment campaign and looking for applicants for open supply chain positions. You will want to see where people are talking about supply chain job listings – on Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Reddit – or even there may even be news articles relating to the increasing need for supply chain workers. In cases like these, it’s imperative to get a lay of the land before starting a campaign. Let’s say you were not social listening and missed the masses saying that they are not looking for supply chain jobs, but there are other jobs deemed desirable, like programming or data analysts.

Having a pulse on what is popular will give you an advantage and save you time and resources. Imagine spending time, resources, and money on a campaign that no one cares about. (Shivers in budget horror)

What are your thoughts on the power of social media monitoring and social media listening? Can it take over the world?

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