Love at First Sight

studded-hearts-jusith-geher-painting-cloakI wanted to run into his arms with a reckless, unrelenting passion:
As our eyes met, it was instant–gratifying and intense–that it was destiny for our eyes to meet, a welcome shock-

As the stars collide, I become lost in the cosmic dizziness of ripened wonder.I could not remember, but his face was a dream, blurry and corporal, a ghostly image, with Caribbean eyes and smooth, sand colored skin. My feet moved without thought, like a puppet, I felt this pulling, a pulling that knew no warranty, only dominance.

I wanted to look into his eyes and see the raw emotion reflected in his,
But there was only confusion mixed with red, hot, lust–that spread an answering flush beneath my skin. A cry broke through the sudden thickness blocking my throat,no, not a cry, a moan that set my blood pumping and spine undulating. This reaction was a calling to an entity inside me, a she-beast with lust on her mind and satisfaction hammering her with need.

It was like I blossomed beneath his gaze;
My hair never seemed so heavy, soft, and full- the ends curling around my shoulders and reaching down to cup my breast, my eyes, an ordinary light brown speckled with lightening strikes of gold, and my body, soft and curving, smoothed by phantom hands, crafted from the image of the perfect woman from the mind of forgiving sculptures.

Before, I was jaded, critical of love, skeptical of this thing called “love at first sight”, but cupid’s arrow struck hard and fast, making me a believer without judge, jury, and executioner.

The world became alive before my eyes, colors seem brighter, the air had never been so clean, absent of smog and filth…

Love had settled within me, nesting and growing, feeding on my doubts and insecurities, giving back confidence and perseverance- this love, this love will make a true believer out of me, I swear!

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